Solar Lights

We stock a variety of lighting systems. These are our security lights and wall mount lights. They do not require complicated wiring.

Fresh shipment has arrived of solar lights!! The sun charges these and then provides light all night, keeping your family safer.

Introducing our new wall mount lights:

3W solar led wall light
1.2w polycrystal line
Charging time 6-8 hours
Discharge time 8-10hours
Install height 2-4

Price: K150.00

And solar security street lights:

30w solar led Street lights
Charging time 6-8hrs
Discharge time 30-36 hours
Install height 3-5m

Price: K600





We also have a range of smaller lighting systems for the home.


These systems vary in price and sizes. We have a range of these, from bigger sizes and systems that can charge a mobile phone/play radio/mp3. One system comes with three lights, with independent switches, 2 USB outlets to charge phones/devices. Provides 5 hours of lights and comes with a 8 watt solar panel. Priced at k1300.00 it will sell fast so get in quick!

These systems are portable and easy to use. Put in the sun through the day, have a light at night! Even if there is load shedding. No more dangerous candles needed!

Call us on 0966368552 or 0960778332 to order yours.





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