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Pictured above: Owner Matt Sharpham , Managing Director Wamusheke Sheba.
The owners of Kasuba Power Solutions are Matt and Jayne Sharpham. We are from Tamworth, Australia
Matt says: “I started a small business supplying and installing solar power systems locally around Tamworth and found that solar power was becoming very popular worldwide.
For many years I have been involved in supporting ministries (in particular Renewed Hope Children’s Village – REHOCH) in Zambia through Tamworth Baptist Church and I had the opportunity to attend in 2015. One of the requirements of the orphanage was to have power connected. The quote at the time was for AU$24,000. With a bit of research and a lot of headaches, I was able to source some panels, batteries and an inverter from South Africa for far less. This enabled REHOCH to have power – not only 24 hours a day and independent of load shedding, but also to have zero ongoing power costs.
During this visit I fell in love with the people of Zambia and had a yearning to help out where I could. 2 years later I came back with my family and we decided to invest and start Kasuba Power Solutions so that we can support REHOCH more directly and give Zambians access to affordable and reliable renewable energy sources, as well as employing local people.
When you purchase something from Kasuba Power Solutions, you are not only purchasing an extremely high quality product, but you’re investing into the future of those who can’t help themselves. Our aim is to supply the highest of quality products and service, as well as the highest standards of safety and reliability.
The name “Kasuba” is the Bemba word for Sun. The aim is to utilise the sun for as much energy production as possible as Zambia has very more than it’s fair share of the sun – particularly during the dry season.
Our Managing Director Wamusheke Sheba has a heart for serving, yet her business knowledge is second to none. Our Engineer Emmanuel is very technically minded and his abilities to design and oversee power systems is backed up by his experience and qualifications. When you seek advice from Kasuba Power Solutions, you’re in very capable hands.”
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